Full Website Services for Small Businesses

From conceptualization to going live, all your website needs are covered through my services. Please contact me to discuss your project!

Website Design and Development

After discussing your business and project, your custom website will be up and running in only a few days. I can make changes on request and add most any component necessary. It will be unique and will set you apart from the competition!


Your website will be fully SEO optimized using the latest techniques. It will be easily found on Google search. I continue to update the SEO as needed on your behalf.


I host your site on my own server account for your business which is one less thing you have to worry about. The server and website will receive regular updates to stay relevant and secure with security patches.

Personal Support

All customers will receive personal support. No need to fill in annoying support tickets and wait for days for a response and you won't be waiting on hold at some call center. You'll only be dealing with me.


Custom email accounts are included up to 10. I will help set email up in any system you use such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook so that you can send and receive email from your domain.

Social Media Integration

Any social media accounts you have can be integrated to the website for auto-posting or simple connections. I can also help set business social media pages up on your behalf.

Graphics Design

Don't have a logo? I'm happy to work on that for you. Included! Design and other custom imagery is also included.

Responsive Mobile Design

Your new website will have different layouts to fit different screen sizes: mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Your mobile layout may feature a "Call Now" button for seamless customer interaction.

Ad Copy

I can create landing pages for inbound marketing and generate magnificent ad copy that converts!

Custom Components

Every business is different and your website might require unique attributes. I am versatile. A menu for restaurants? No problem. A knowledge base for information storage? You got it. Downloadable PDFs? Of course! Let me know what you need and I'll make it happen.

À La Carte Services

SEO Content Curation

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