Hire Me

I accept two types of fee structures: flat-fee and per hour.

Per hour:

My rate is $80 per hour. My time is tracked with screenshots and activity measurements through Upwork. If you already have an Upwork account, you can hire me directly by visiting my Upwork profile.

If you do not have an Upwork account, please set one up using my personal registration link. After signing up, you can create a job and hire me through my profile link above. I do not receive any commission or bonus from signing someone up through Upwork. But fees I pay are removed for clients I bring to Upwork. You will be billed by Upwork and provided with a weekly time log.

Flat Fee:

A flat-fee price is dependent on the breadth of your project. Most smaller projects begin at $2,000. Please contact me to discuss your project. Payment can be made through Upwork (see above), Paypal, or check.